Custom Sizes Available

Jun 15, 2022

If you are reading this, you are likely interested in learning more about the LIGHTGLASS sizing, and any constraints related to the dimensions of the product. We think of all dimensions in this order, height as the first variable, and width as the second.  


A prefabricated Standalone LIGHTGLASS unit can be built to any dimensions in 1” increments in both height and width, up to a maximum of 24 square feet, with a maximum of 96” in one dimension. For example, our largest Standalone unit dimensions would be either a 48”x72” or a 36”’x96”. We cannot make a 24”x144” because the 144” width exceeds our maximum of 96” in one dimension. However, we can build a 48”x71”, a 47”x71”, a 47”x70”, all the way down to a 12”x12” and everything in between. This means you can easily match existing windows or skylights within your project, fill an obscure opening, or play with the proportions of LIGHTGLASS to make sure it compliments your design. 


LIGHTGLASS units of any size can also be clustered together in an Array. We will provide all of the hardware needed to attach the units to Unistrut, as well as the coupling hardware that connects adjacent units to each other. We have not yet found a limit to the number of units that can be arrayed together, and we have some array installations that are over 100 units. When designing with Arrays, we ask you to specify the individual unit size, and the layout of those units. As always, we think about the unit size in height x width, and we think about the array layout as number of units high (Y) x number of units wide (X). So an array of 24”x24” units in a 3×3 layout would look like the image below. We can also make Arrays using multiple different unit sizes, we call these Mosaic Arrays. Please reach out to for a custom part number that is unique to your Mosaic Array. 


Now for the good news! Custom sized Standalone units and Arrays do NOT cost more than standard sized units. We quote using the same squarefoot price, regardless of the individual unit sizes. We are able to do this because we make each and every LIGHTGLASS unit by hand in our Philadelphia-based manufacturing facility, 7 Creek. Since we are simply cutting our extrusion, glass, diffuser, gasketing, and light engines to the specified dimensions, it does not take any longer or shorter to make a unit of a different size. We simply change the location of the cuts depending on the unit size, and follow the same assembly process for each unit. This also means that custom sized units do NOT increase the lead times. 

LIGHTGLASS is not a light fixture, it is an illuminated glazing system that accurately simulates windows and skylights. Our mission is to improve people’s quality of life in the built environment, and we hope you will join us on this journey. If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to us at