Non Ferrous for MRI Applications

Jun 8, 2022

When we say “Experience Daylight Anywhere”, we mean it. If you are reading this, you are likely interested in learning more about how LIGHTGLASS can bring the experience of daylight into specialty environments, such as MRI/Imaging Suites.  


LIGHTGLASS for MRI applications utilizes a non-ferrous construction with remote drivers to provide safe operation within the MRI room. Non-Ferrous LIGHTGLASS is aesthetically identical to standard LIGHTGLASS, however the ferrous screws and mounting brackets have been swapped for stainless steel, non-ferrous equivalents. LIGHTGLASS does not provide an EMI Filter, however EMI filters can be provided by contractors familiar with MRI suite construction. The EMI Filter is a requirement for MRI applications and is designed to prevent EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) from entering the MRI room.


In order to verify that the non-ferrous LIGHTGLASS configuration would operate safely in an MRI environment, our engineering team used a high strength neodymium magnet and probed the product from all sides to check if there were any traces of magnetism. No traces of magnetism were found. This probing process is repeated for each non-ferrous LIGHTGLASS unit during the manufacturing process as a quality check to ensure each unit is completely non-ferrous. 


This product must be installed in accordance with the applicable local and national codes by a person familiar with the construction and operation of MRI suites and the hazards involved. Disconnect power to all circuits before wiring the unit. Install in accordance with all national, state, and local codes. Do not connect to an ungrounded supply. Read all unit markings and labels to ensure correct installation of the units.  

Dimmers located in Control Room

Dimmers located in MRI Room


The dimmer wiring installation differs depending on whether the dimming and CCT controllers are to be located in the Control Room or Inside the MRI Shield (Scanning) Room. It is recommended to locate the dimmers outside of the MRI Shield Room. 

System Components Not Supplied

  • Non-Ferrous Unistrut for mounting LIGHTGLASS Units
  • Class 1 Conduit for incoming AC power into the LIGHTGLASS Remote Driver Box
  • Class 1 Grounded Aluminum Conduit for the DC branch wiring between the LIGHTGLASS MRI Unit and the EMI Facility Filter
  • EMI Facility Filter, minimum ratings: >60VDC, 2A per LIGHTGLASS Unit. 

Lightglass Unit Installation Procedure:

Wiring Procedure:

  • Install the provided remote driver box outside of the MRI Room, in an area safe for ferrous materials. 
  • Install an appropriately specified EMI Filter in  accordance with the manufacturer supplied instructions.
  • Use non-ferrous aluminum conduit to attach the DC wires from the EMI Filter (by others) to the LIGHTGLASS unit(s)
  • Connect the two 0-10V control wires from their respective dimmers through the remote driver box into the appropriate connectors on the LED Drivers provided (refer to the wiring section of the LIGHTGLASS Standalone Installation Guide for details). 
  • Supply the remote LED Drivers with AC power.

Installation Checklist:

  • Installation instruction sheets for LIGHTGLASS  Remote Driver and DC filter system (by others) read and followed.  
  •  LIGHTGLASS  Remote Drivers and EMI filters (by others) are located outside the shielded enclosure.  
  • All DC supply wiring is completely enclosed within grounded aluminum conduit.
  •  Installation has no ungrounded/unshielded portions of conduit or openings of any size or shape.  
  • All dimming signal wiring is completely enclosed within grounded aluminum conduit. Installation has no ungrounded/unshielded portions of conduit or openings of any size or shape.
  • MRI Room EMI filters for the >60VDC supply are of the type intended for MRI suites and are sized to the electrical load. 
  • Lighting system is fully tested (including dimming operation, if applicable) while the MRI machine is in idle and scan operation mode.

LIGHTGLASS is not a light fixture, it is an illuminated glazing system that accurately simulates windows and skylights. Our mission is to improve people’s quality of life in the built environment, and we hope you will join us on this journey. If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to us at