Ascent, Lighting a Windowless Office in Philly

Apr 8, 2019

Founded by an architect, Ascent understands and appreciates the importance of lighting for well-being. However, none of the offices or conference rooms in their new 8th story space have any windows. In order to address this challenge and make sure everyone is comfortable and happy at work, the Ascent team selected Lightglass to bring the feeling of daylight into every room.

In the conference room, towards the core of the building, Ascent selected to use four 13″x49″ Lightglass units as vertical slot windows. These Lightglass windows are controlled by two 0-10V analog dimmers for color tuning and intensity adjustment, with a manual on/off switch. The team no longer uses the linear LED fixture above the conference table.

The CEO likes to keep his office at a high intensity cool white, around 5500K. He has two slot windows recessed into the wall adjacent his desk, and two 18″x42″ Skyglass units with a 2″ shroud dropping into a 2×4 grid ceiling. The wall units provide intense light on the vertical plane for circadian stimulus, while the units in the ceiling provide functional task lighting.

Everyone in the office has their own preference for lighting intensity and color temperature. That is why each office has an individual analog control system to adjust Lightglass to the inhabitant’s preferred setting. The individual who works directly next to the CEO’s office likes to keep their CCT warm-looking, around 2700K, as you can see in the image above.

Lightglass will transform dark, windowless places into comfortable working and living environments by bringing the feeling of daylight into any space. Creating a sense of dynamism within any space can help inhabitants feel like individuals and become the best version of themselves.

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