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The Path to Sustainability Starts with Transparency

The International Living Future Institute has awarded LIGHTGLASS a sustainability rating of Red-List Approved. Click the link below to better understand the ingredients in our products and their respective proportions.


Sustainability Statement

Sustainability focuses on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. At LIGHTGLASS, we view sustainability from an environmental, social, emotional and biological perspective.

While we make use of traditional environmental rating systems such as LEED for measuring environmental impact, we also transcend these programs by focusing more deeply on the health and wellbeing of building occupants.


IWBI’s WELL Building Standard provides an innovative framework for evaluating the impact that our built environment has on its occupants. At LIGHTGLASS, we embrace this philosophy as a guiding principle in our product design. Specifically, the LIGHTGLASS product line provides an ideal opportunity for optimizing the impact of Circadian Lighting and Visual Comfort. Thus, the utilization of LIGHTGLASS in a space can make positive contributions to WELL v2’s Light Concept Category:

  • L02: Visual Lighting Design
  • L03: Circadian Lighting Design
  • L04: Glare Control
  • L06: Visual Balance
  • L07: Electric Light Quality


USGBC’s LEED Rating Program has grown to become the leading rating agency for measuring the environmental impact of our built environments. The energy efficiency and lack of mercury and other harmful chemicals in LIGHTGLASS allow us to make positive contributions to the following general areas of LEED v4 Prerequisites Credits:

  • EA Prerequisite: Minimum Energy Performance
  • EA Credit: Optimize Energy Performance
  • MR Credit: PBT Source Reduction-Mercury
  • MR Credit: Regional Materials (500mi from Philadelphia, PA)
  • MR Credit: Recycled Content


Lastly, a less developed yet emerging area of social impact is that of Biophilic Design. We are passionate advocates and supporters of creating a profound connection to nature within buildings. The LIGHTGLASS product line goes beyond the basics of Circadian Lighting Design and considers the psychological impact that a window or a skylight can have on occupants. By being the most biophilic light source within a building, we believe we can lead the design community in creating even deeper connections to nature. By strengthening our relationship with nature, we not only gain more appreciation for our environment, but also elevate ourselves to become happier, healthier, and more enlightened.