LIGHTGLASS Featured in IEEE Spectrum!

Jun 25, 2021

LIGHTGLASS is featured in METROPOLIS Magazine’s Healthcare Architecture section; with an article highlighting Stantec’s award-winning children’s hospital healthcare clerestory project. This project means a lot to us as it is a great case study in pioneering circadian-lighting. If you’re interested in learning more about circadian-lighting, you can access our white paper titled “Circadian-Lighting vs. Color-Tuning.”  See excerpt below.

Read the whole article here:

VIEW WHITE PAPER: Circadian-Lighting vs. Color-Tuning

What is Circadian Lighting?

The experts at the ​Lighting Research Center​ say:​ “When specifying lighting for the circadian system, more specifically, for circadian entrainment, it is important to consider light level, spectrum (color), timing and duration of exposure, and photic history (i.e., previous light exposures).”

Color is one aspect of lighting for circadian entrainment, but it hardly tells the whole story. The goal of this article is to clear up misconceptions about circadian lighting by explaining the importance of light intensity, location, duration, and previous light exposures as they relate to architectural lighting’s potential impact on our health and well-being.


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