The Architecture Boston Expo 2018

Dec 21, 2018

NOVEMBER 28-29, 2018 – For this show our architect-in-residence, RJ, designed a booth called “The Lightglass Experience”. Looking from above, it is shaped like a ‘T’, made from three 4×8 wall sections. This design allows us to handle any number of visitors because we enter from one side and exit from the other, creating a consistent flow of people in and out, and a cyclical movement for our team members on the show floor.

From the front, it shows the Lightglass name and two of our 1×4 Clerestory units recessed in a horizontal array. Around the corner there is a recessed 2×4 Lightglass window unit with color tuning and dimming controls. In the third and final section, you can look behind the window unit and see how Lightglass will fit in a standard wall, it is only 3.5″ deep. This booth accomplished our goals of being able to help people experience the light and form factor of Lightglass, while also being easy to assemble and transport. Check out the design and photos below! 

Marketing director, Amy, smiling that the booth looks great!