Goober’s Garage
Automobile Museum

Project Details

On the site of the historic former B&O train station in Wilmington, Delaware, an enthusiast decided to turn an abandoned historic building into a private museum for their impressive car collection. The building, which sits only a few feet from the active train tracks, was in complete disrepair. The walls were not plumb, the foundation was damaged, and the roof was caving in. The talented crew at Low Pitch Contracting completely rebuilt the structure, and added in some special touches for the museum. There is a bar room, a mechanic space with a hydraulic lift, a 1950’s style diner, and space for dozens of classic cars.

Over thirty 42×42’ LIGHTGLASS units were installed throughout the space, providing immersive, glare-free lighting for the car showroom. The excellent color rendering ability of LIGHTGLASS helps the cars look their best, and the large surfaces of light prevent harsh reflections or spottiness. In order to create the impression of a real skylight installed in an exposed wood beam ceiling, Low Pitch Contracting constructed a mitered aluminum casing to house the LIGHTGLASS units and integrate them into the architecture