Old San Juan
Historic Apartment

Project Details

In many of the world’s most celebrated historic cities, row homes are the most prevalent type of housing. They have stood the test of time, being transformed over centuries to meet the needs of their respective homeowners. However, row homes face a fundamental challenge when it comes to lighting. These long narrow spaces typically only allow sunlight in from the front and back of the structure because of adjacent row homes on either side, leaving the central part of the home without windows or sufficient daylight. This can make the home feel dark, unwelcoming, and claustrophobic. In order to solve this problem for a homeowner in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, LIGHTGLASS brings the experience of daylight into their windowless kitchen.

This historic home is full of thoughtful architectural details and beautiful woodwork. In order to tie the contemporary LIGHTGLASS windowlight into the character of this Old San Juan home, wooden balustrades were fabricated to match the adjacent staircase. In addition to honoring the existing design and finishes in the home, the balustrades also create a visual obstruction in front of the LIGHTGLASS . This helps to satisfy the desire for a view out of the window, and adds another element of depth and realism to the window experience.