Letter From the GM

Jun 1, 2022

Dearest Lightglaziers,

LIGHTGLASS now has a MasterSpec 3-part Specification in Division 8 – Openings available online to facilitate your specification process. The AIA review committee created an entirely new section for LIGHTGLASS; Division 085693, Special Function Windows, Simulated Windows & Skylights. This solidifies the fact that LIGHTGLASS is not a light fixture, but instead, it is an architectural simulated window and skylight system.

In the past, LIGHTGLASS was typically specified in Division 26, along with light fixtures and electrical products. This is still an acceptable way to specify LIGHTGLASS, however, Division 26 increases the risk of value engineering, substitutions, and markups. Specifying LIGHTGLASS in Division 8 will lower the risk of value engineering and markups, and will allow an owner, general contractor or glazing subcontractor to purchase LIGHTGLASS, instead of purchasing through an electrical distributor. Please note that when specifying in Division 8, it is still important to reference back to Division 26 to ensure that the proper power and controls wiring are specified and delivered to the LIGHTGLASS location in the drawings and on the construction site. To simplify this process for you, we have included the possible references to Division 26 in part 1 of the 3-part specification document. We have also designed a LIGHTGLASS control system that eliminates the need to connect LIGHTGLASS to any 3rd party control systems, meaning all that is needed is to deliver power to LIGHTGLASS and it will automatically simulate a solar day with CCT and intensity changes throughout the day.

You can access our 3-part specification document from our website resources section, or through the SpecPoint software.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or concerns: ben@lightglasslighting.com.

Thank you,

Ben Rapkin
General Manager
+1 914-406-0305
Member of LIRC/IALD
LIGHTGLASS is now listed in Division 8, Simulated Windows and Skylights.